Wonderwall at the 2012 Mossvale Music Festival..one perfect day

Wonderwall – PCA presented a great project at Mossvale: A Perfect Day music festival on March 17, 2012 titled “Wonderwall”. Exhibition screens were erected in a large marquee and festival participants were invited to take photos on their iPhones and smart phones during the day, download them onto laptops and have them printed to go up on the wall. Copies could be purchased for $1. The project was a great success with large numbers of people downloading images, buying prints and checking out what was on the wall. Thanks to Kerry Spokes, Jane Power, Abigail van Rooyen, Yianni Banikos, Nick Mitchell and Michael Lester. Also, thanks to Lyrebird Arts Council, Regional Arts Victoria and South Gippsland Shire Council. Check out this Facebook page Grant Flather has set up for us with some images from the day on Facebook A fantastic way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Mossvale Music Festival. A perfect day indeed!

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