Exhibition: Nov 21 - Dec 18, 2010 (Exhibition opening: )

About Megan

Megan Dell is a 25 year old artist currently living in Melbourne.
“After growing up in country Victoria, I moved to Melbourne at the age of 17 to study Graphic Arts. Inspired by local stencil artists, I became involved in the street art scene. My artwork almost always incorporates spray paint, and markers, with a preference to paint on reclaimed wood – as each piece already provides its own character and history.

In a lot of my work there are a lot of waterlines/drips, either from spray paint or from built up layers of paint and washes. I also really like the line “The water line is rising and all we do is stand there” (‘Waterline’ from ‘Human the Death Dance’ by Sage Francis, 2007), which is from a song and I’ve also incorporated it into one of my paintings.”

Note: Megan and her friend Nicole Tattersall, under the name Ruby & Sage, make fine resin jewellery that we sell in Gecko Studio Gallery. We also sell cards featuring Megan’s art.

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