(un)civilisation – Lana De Jager

photopolymer etchings

Lana De Jager-Measuring Up 2019 – 50cmW x 65cmH – Photopolymer Etching

January 23 to February 17, 2020

extended to March 16

Gecko Studio Gallery – 15 Falls Rd, Fish Creek
Ph 03 56823 2481 info@geckostudiogallery.com.au
Open 9 – 4pm Thursday to Monday
  Ph (03) 5683 2481

Lana de Jager emigrated from South Africa to Australia in 1998 and settled in Melbourne. Having obtained a BA Honours Degree in advertising and visual communication in 1994, she followed her degree with 2 years as a lecturer [1995-1996] at Potchefstroom University and the East London Technical College [South Africa], teaching Graphic Design History & Techniques, History of Art and Still Life & Figure Drawing. She was also responsible for organising and advertising student exhibitions. until 2016 she followed a career in Graphic Design.
In 2015 she lost three immediate family members, including her mother. It overwhelmed Lana’s optimistic constitution and she experienced depression. The miracle that came from the subsequent therapy was a decision to make art fulltime.
Printmaking, of all the arts, lies the closest to graphic design training. It is disciplined and the editioning of a fine art print develops meticulous self-restraint: exactly the haven that her mind needed. The result has been 17 gallery exhibitions since February 2017, including 5 solo exhibitions.
Lana uses solar polymer etching plates for intaglio printing, with a preference for less-toxic processes.
@lanadejagerfineart #lanadejagerfineart

‘Modern civilisation’ feels like an oxymoron in an age where inhumanity seems to be more widespread than ever before. Within the broader culture of our civilisation, our sub-cultures can serve as havens from cruelty, but are sometimes also places of even more pressure. These pressures are applied in subtle and not so subtle ways within family, work or social groups.
We face a daily negotiation of the rules and structures within our sub-culture to ensure we fit somewhere in this civilisation. Combine that with our individual experience of our upbringing as well as a personalised relationship with social & corporate media and it becomes clear just how complex our environments are.
Privately, we have an ‘internal civilisation’ – ways we believe the world works, fits together and what refinement looks like. Publicly, it’s as if there’s a script and we’ve all agreed to act from it together. Even to rebel against it has a script-like feel. It has become increasingly difficult to identify non essential behaviour proposed as essential by our sub-culture. It’s a disappointment to discover that ‘following the rules’ often doesn’t lead to fulfillment, but instead serves someone else’s interests.
Part of the feeling we get from the grind of our specific sub-culture, is that we are helpless to break away from that grind. That we’re somehow trapped in it. We make all sorts of excuses not to have to think for ourselves or fight for a new way that would benefit us and ultimately others caught in this grind. We are held hostage by a culture to which we contribute. We take part in rituals that might ultimately exploit us.
In this collection of works, I’ve magnified or objectified objects in the way that the media or an advertising poster would. These are some of the pressures of my ‘internal civilisation’. These are things that make me wonder: how do you dismantle an internal civilisation without being irresponsible or undoing yourself?


  1. (un)civilisation (30 Oct – 17 Nov 2019) – Petrie Terrace Gallery (RQAS), QLD. Solo Exhibition.
  2. Waiting for Wisdom (4 – 29 Sep 2019) – Tacit Galleries, VIC. Solo Exhibition.
  3. Baldessin Studio – The Story (25 Jul – 15 Sep 2019) – Montsalvat, Eltham, VIC. Group Exhibition.
  4. (un)civilisation (Complete Part I + Part 2) (15 May – 3 Jun 2019) – The Art Vault, Mildura, VIC. Solo Exhibition.
  5. Yarra Glen Art Show 2019 (9 – 11 Mar 2019) – Yarra Glen Memorial Hall, Yarra Glen, VIC.
    Group Exhibition.
  6. Editions 2019 (13 – 24 Feb 2019) – Tacit Galleries, Collingwood, VIC. Group Exhibition.
  7. (un)civilisation (Part 2) (1 – 24 Feb 2019) – Alternating Current Art Space, 248 High Street, Windsor, VIC.
    Solo Exhibition.
  8. Collins Place Summer Salon (1 Dec 2018 – 31 Jan 2019) – Gallery@CollinsPlace, Melbourne, VIC. Group Exhibition.
  9. Fifty Squared Art Prize (3 – 24 Jan 2019) – Brunswick Street Gallery,Fitzroy, VIC. Group Exhibition.
  10. 25th Annual Mayoral Art Exhibition (3 – 22 Dec 2018) – Alan Somers Maroondah Access Gallery, 32 Greenwood Ave, Ringwood, VIC. Group Exhibition.
    Aquisitional Prize Winner with “Thanatophobia”
  11. Circle of Stones (29 Sep-4 Nov 2018) – Gallery152, York, WA.
    Group exhibition with Filomena Coppola, Merle Narkle-Goodwin, Holly Story, Janelle Mendham, Sujora Conrad & Nikala Bourke.
  12. A Daring Love Affair with Her Own Shadow (21 Jul-26 Aug 2018) – Gallery152, York, WA.
    Group exhibition with Heather Shimmen, Deborah Klein, Rachel McKenzie, Jill Ansell and Natasha Rowell.
  13. (un)civilisation (Part 1) (18 Jul-12 Aug 2018) – Tacit Contemporary Gallery, Collingwood, VIC. Solo Exhibition.
  14. ONLY HUMAN (May 2018) – Gallery@CollinsPlace, Melbourne, VIC.
    Group exhibition curated by Marguerite Brown. With Dagmar Cyrulla, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Kim Anderson, Georgia Steele.
  15. (UN)HAPPINESS (19 Apr-21 May 2018) – Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek, VIC. Solo exhibition.
  16. THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY… (9 Feb-15 Mar 2018) – Gallery@CollinsPlace, Melbourne.
    Group exhibition curated by Marguerite Brown. With Paul Compton, Rachel Derum, Rona Green, Kyoko Imazu, Bronwyn Alice Rees, Amélie Scalercio, Sophia Szilagyi.
  17. EDITIONS (7-18 Feb 2018) – Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, Collingwood, VIC. Group Exhibition.
  18. SMALL WORKS ART PRIZE (Dec 2017) – Brunswick Street Gallery,Fitzroy, VIC. Group Exhibition. Honourable mention.
  19. TRAVERSE (Sep-Oct 2017) – Gallery@CollinsPlace, Melbourne, VIC. Exhibition together with print artist, Peter Gurrie.
  20. EDITIONS (Feb 2017) – Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery in Abbotsford, VIC. Group Exhibition.
Land De Jager


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