Trees of Gippsland – Colin Bennison

16 May – 19 June

Artist Statement

The humble tree has provided us throughout our history with the materials to enhance, in so many ways, our comfort. Today we realise that the tree is even more important to us by assisting and maintaining the atmosphere in which we live and breathe. In this solo exhibition of paintings and drawings, I pay tribute to the essential tree and highlight their contribution to the visual beauty of Gippsland’s glorious landscape.

My art by definition is realist; however I endeavour to create a unique and personal way of “seeing” the subject, no matter what that subject may be. I also endeavour to create work which is intriguing, evocative and brings an awareness to the viewer. Whilst I do not believe the artist should ever be the “judge or jury”, I do believe the artist can comment, reflect on and create an awareness of various aspects of the society and the environment we live in today.   This I attempted to do visually with my drawing and painting – leaving it to the viewer to reflect on the subject matter.

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