The Work of the Eggs ….continued

Exhibition: May 24 to July 16, 2018 (Opening: Opening event on Friday May 25 between 6 and 8pm)


group show following on from the highly successful 2016 exhibition ‘L’oeuvre​ ​des Oeufs – The Work of the Eggs’. There were quite a few sales back in 2016 but it was the critical acclaim that made it such a standout show. Record numbers of people came through the gallery and were delighted with the diverse and engaging display! Feedback was fantastic! We published a book of the exhibition which you can view online here 

Two years on and we have another great exhibition of Fish Creek ostrich eggs decorated and transformed. Photography doesn’t do justice of course, you really need to see the exhibition.

Artists participating are – Ian Mooney, Helen Ritt, Gillian R Carpenter, Susan Quinn, Heather Shimmen, Kate Zizys, Alison Lester, Kim McDonald, Colin Suggett, Rosie Lyon, Regina Dudek, Sue Gilford, Jan Learmonth, Emma Morgan, Peter Cole, Deb Le Cerf, Annie Stark, Mark Reyment, Melanie Caple, Lisa Hocking, Andrew Hocking, Catherine Larkins, John Cooper, Kerry Spokes, Susan Purdy, Kimberly White, Sarah Dingwall, Anne Miller, Jane Power, Janie Frith, Helen Wilkinson, Grant Flather, Kevin Tilbey, Helen Sammonds, Abigail van Rooyen, Mandy Gunn, Luke Dearlove, Lian Casson, Frances Harrison

Below are a few photos – more to come.



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