The Kingdom – Grant Flather

Nov 16 – Dec 13

Artist Statement

I have been working with wire sculptures for about four years. In this exhibition I have created a number of animals, mostly domestic. The animals are made in sections and assembled from photos, live model and from instinct. After basically finishing each piece, I will return to each animal over and over again for some weeks, constantly “tweaking” until the animals “personality” comes through.

I have been experimenting with cladding the wire in various materials but really like the fact that the animals are hollow. The shadows cast by the sculptures are sometime more interesting than the animal itself particularly if the sculpture is hung from a wall. The hollow forms also allow the observer to “fill” the animal with their own experiences of animals, nature, or perhaps past pets. Some people who have bought a sculpture have named the animal and even talk to them! The hollow wire sculptures look great photographed and manipulated in Photoshop. Through this process, I can create a Virtual world where the animals interact with each other. These digital images will be part of the exhibition.

The sculptures are sprayed with four coats of enamel paint normally used on motor cars, so they are weather proof.

The exhibition should really be called The Kingdom, Part One, as I am planning to make at least one of as many animals as possible, from the mightiest to the tiniest.

-Grant Flather

Grant was born in Melbourne and spent most of his life there before moving to South Gippsland seven years ago. After completing a business degree, which he found surprisingly boring, Grant enrolled in a Diploma of Fine Art at Box Hill to see if his incessant doodling would lead to anything. The experience was a happy one but the travelling bug bit and he deferred the second year, never to return to study art.

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