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Poster x 1 COLLISION Mark Reyment copy

Collision – Mark Reyment – sculpture and drawings

Exhibition: March 19 to April 15, 2017 (Opening: Opening event on March 19 at 2pm)

ARTIST STATEMENT – MARK REYMENT Art is what happens when I’m busy making plans! What starts out as a simple idea becomes increasingly complex, I like to play with disorder and my work reflects degrees of disorder frozen in time. I often give my work whimsical titles, usually based on whatever was rattling around in […]

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Stephen Jansen poster

Memory Mine – paintings and drawings by Stephen Jansen

Exhibition: February 19 to March 18 (Opening: Opening event Sunday February 19 from 2pm)

Artists Statement…..Memory Mine Essentially this body of work evolved around the need to make a series of personal political statements. In reality there are three such personal observations/protests. Firstly, the desire of State Government Authorities to remove ‘white’ new born children from single mothers in the fifties of which I have intimate knowledge. Secondly, the […]

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“I thought I could fly…” – new works by Kerry Spokes

Exhibition: November 13 to December 10, 2016 (Opening: Opening event: Sunday November 13, 2016)

Kerry Spokes ‘I thought I could fly…’ is an exhibition of new work by Kerry Spokes. Included in the exhibition are drawings, iphoneography and printmaking – (including drypoint, lithography and monoprint techniques) with mixed media included in many of the pieces. Anthropomorphic characters feature regularly in Kerry Spokes work, with birdlike human forms a recurring […]

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Observational Drawing with tutor Kim McDonald

Observational Drawing with tutor Kim McDonald Session 1. Working with charcoal and conte this session will explore; freeing up individual’s drawing approach using quick drawing exercises, introduction and use of kneadable rubbers and paper sticks, posture and position of the artist when drawing. Session 2. Continuing on from previous week this session will further explore […]

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