submerge – Kim McDonald

drypoint and monotypes


“Not to render the visible, but to render visible” Paul Klee

I live in a small town close to the sea. The sound of waves crashing in Waratah Bay provides a rhythmic reminder of the ocean’s proximity. I am particularly interested in the force, power and mystery of the ocean and our psychological and physical connections to them.  Paul Klee’s famous formula informs my approach to making artwork.  I aim to render visible not render the visible.

I aim to render visible unseen forces such as psychological states and pressure systems that can affect our minds and bodies. When we are confronted by unimagined worlds, landscapes submerged in water and general concern over the future of the planet, our anxieties become heightened.  Such concerns cause us to feel as though we’re drowning in a world that’s too overwhelming to comprehend.

Kim McDonald

In my work, psychological states manifest themselves as subliminal seascapes, submerged topography, shifting forms, transient spaces, ephemeral water, energy and mass, light, shimmer and intangible liquid landscapes.

I love what happens when pressure is applied to inked surfaces and the unpredictable results of that process. They remind me of natural forces such as the wind, rain and sun, and their relative impacts on both terrestrial and oceanic environments.

Submerge also gives voice to my awareness of the human impact on natural environments.  Human control/domination, exploitation and consequent pollution inevitably cause catastrophic results. 

With Klee’s formula in mind Submerge is the result of an enquiry into the relationships between psychological and physical states and how they manifest themselves in visual print form.

Kim McDonald

Kim McDonald’s CV

Kim McDonald – Harnessing Forces 56cm x 56cm – drypoint & monotype
Kim McDonald – Ocean – 56 x 76cm – drypoint & monotype
Kim McDonald – Storm 56cm x 56cm – drypoint & monotype
Kim McDonald – Melt – 56cm x 56cm – drypoint & monotype
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