Spiral Bound – Michael Chang

Dec 14 – Jan 10

The making of the rendered images:

evening by the sea


Artist Statement

This exhibition consists of two different types of works: travel sketches and 3d-modelled computer renderings. The sketches are a hobby, whereas computer rendering is my livelihood (see www.3fold.com.au for my architectural graphics business).

The idea for this exhibition came from my partner Bridget who suggested I get some of the sketches out of my sketchbooks and up on our walls. The sketchbooks are a combination of sketches and travel diary in one. Excerpts from the diaries are incorporated in some of the works in this exhibition. Strangely though my travel diaries/sketchbooks are my most treasured possession I rarely look at them. The sketches were done on various trips, some from years ago as an architecture student on a shoestring budget. Preparing them as prints for this exhibition has been a wonderful way to rediscover them.

The computer renderings in this exhibition are a departure from the architectural visualization that I do for a living. I’m especially interested in urban decay and this has inspired some of the images in this exhibition. There are also some maritime/seaside images that require techniques that I don’t get to use in architectural images. Two of the exhibited computer renderings are accompanied by a graphical step-by-step ‘making of’ explanation to give people an understanding of how high-end 3D-rendered computer images are created.

Michael and Kes happily booked me in for this exhibition quite a while ago without really knowing anything about my work. I thank them for their blind faith.

-Michael Chang


Michael was born in Malaysia and grew up in Thailand before moving to Australia with his family during high school. After completing an Architecture degree at Melbourne University he went on to work as an architect in Melbourne, Perth and Singapore. During this time Michael began to teach himself 3D computer graphics. In 2001 he set up a business specialising in 3D computer illustrations with architects as his main clients. He always takes a sketchbook with him on holiday. This is his first exhibition.

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