Kate Zizys – A Ten Year Retrospective

Until May 18, 2013

In conjunction with the Something For Kate Art Auction held on 12th May in the Fish Creek Memorial Hall, Gecko Studio Gallery has an exhibition of Kate Zizys works for one week only 12 – 18 May.  There will be work covering the last 10 years or so of Kate’s art practice, and include some of her most recent works using cyanotype.  This is a great opportunity to purchase a Kate Zizys work or two for your collection.  Kate’s work includes drawings, lithographs, etchings and cyanotypes.


Check out Kate’s artist page and her exhibition pages – exhibition with Mick Harding and Cosmovision and Girl Friday with Lyndy Lord, Amanda Thompson and Elizabeth Scott from previous exhibitions at Gecko Studio Gallery.

Kate has also run many printmaking workshops for us at Gecko and we are hanging out for her to return and run many more workshops for us.
This show is a chance to see what a great printmaker, social commentator and generally, what an interesting person our Kate is. The prices are great, nothing is framed, it’s only on for a week and there are 58 works to choose from. Catch this exhibition while you can.

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