Retracing Darwin – Norm Hanson

April 18 – May 15

Artists Statement

In 1836, as part of a stopover for HMAS Beagle in Sydney, Charles Darwin undertook a short excursion to Bathurst and back, mainly on horseback. He recorded his thoughts and observations in his notebooks and diary (probably rewritten later) and collected some rocks. It is pretty obvious Darwin was not happy at the time. In September 2009 I retraced his journey in much the same elapsed time and revisited most of the locations he described. In many ways some things had changed little, the vistas are largely unchanged. I was there in the big dust storm, and Darwin describes a similar dust storm for example. This exhibition, includes my sketches, painting, rock panels and photographs that are inspired by his trip and includes some things I was surprise Darwin didn’t see or write about. There is even a mini conspiracy theory buried in there about the purpose of his trip.

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