Re:Render – Michael Chang

Nov 15 – Dec 19

Artist’s statement

The title of the show refers to the process of generating images from a dimensional computer model known as rendering.  ‘Re-render’ because this is my second exhibition at Gecko Studio Gallery, and also because parts of each image are rendered many times over during its development (sometimes perhaps a hundred times over to get it right!) before they are finally produced at high quality settings for printing.  The process spans a number of disciplines including 3d modeling, photography and digital image manipulation.  Some of the works on display will be accompanied by a detailed step-by-step explanation of how they were produced.

Last year’s exhibition consisted largely of pen & ink travel sketches from overseas travels, as well as a few computer renderings. This show is primarily made up of computer-rendered images.  Many of them use local scenes for their inspiration.  While some of the places will be easily recognisable to people familiar with Fish Creek, others are imaginary compositions based on ideas and photographic textures from the local area and beyond.

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