Recent Linocuts- Aileen Brown

June 14 – July 18

Aileen has been creating linocuts for many years now with finely tuned technical skill married with original and highly creative designs (not to forget the wry humour). Aileen colours her linocuts on the block rather than hand colouring after printing so where there are multiple colours, for each colour the block is coloured and ‘registered’ carefully to match up with the previous colour application. Bear this in mind when looking at the exhibition especially with the shading on images such as the lions in the invitation above. Skilful work indeed.

Aileen runs linocut classes at her home in East Hawthorn as well as regular artist-in-residence in secondary colleges and institutions. A web search on Aileen returned a number of successful artists citing Aileen’s classes as an important part of their art education.

There will be around 30 framed works in the exhibition with prints available for many of the images. Despite the title, there are a handful of earlier works of Aileen’s that I chose to go in the show as I had not seen them before.

Aileen has spent time overseas in Ethiopia since the last exhibition which has inspired images such as “Gabra Manfas Qeddus and the Beasts” (see below) – “Gabra Manfas Qeddus is reported to have lived 562 years, 300 of them in Egypt, where he was born to noble parents, named Simon and Eklesia. Eklesia, according to legend, came from the tribe of Benjamin of ancient Israel. Eklesia and Simon are said to have been barren for 30 years. The day of Gabra’s conception and the date of his birth are said to coincide with those of Jesus Christ.”

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