Primordium – Catherine Wheeler

January 17 – February 13

Artist Statement

The works in this exhibition is the early stage of a body of work for a Masters in Visual Art, combining mark making and meditative practice with the generation of images that represent spiritual awareness and the energy of life. The theme for the show is the Buddhist mantra Om ! Mane! Padme! Hum! ,which loosely means …that which grows from slime, filth and darkness can transcend these conditions, indeed use its situation as manure, to fertilize its development and emerge into the light as a perfectly gleaming radiant blossom.

I have used this emblem as inspiration because to me this Buddhist wisdom is the ultimate inspiration. Where no experience need be rejected and that once integrated can nourish the sacred qualities we all have intrinsic to our being. Having long been interested in consciousness I have found that Eastern Philosophies and spiritual practices have offered skillful guidance that help to create a peaceful state of being that allows and nurtures the creation of art works that move from illustration of a theme to more experiential possibilities. Thus I have used mark making in a moment to moment sequence to generate an image from the initial seed of the idea, I have tried to avoid following a preconceived plan or map as this would undermine the intention to be spontaneous and in the flow of the moment. I discovered that the journey of making the piece is a spiritual practice in itself, with its attendant challenges and joys.

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