Pattern #12 – A Group Exhibition

Feb 15 – Mar 21

A pattern, from the French patron, is a type of theme of recurring events of or objects, sometimes referred to as elements of a set. These elements repeat in a predictable manner. It can be a template or model which can be used to generate things or parts of a thing, especially if the things that are created have enough in common for the underlying pattern to be inferred, in which case the things are said to exhibit the unique pattern. Pattern matching is the act of checking for the presence of the constituents of a pattern, whereas the detecting for underlying patterns is referred to as pattern recognition. The question of how a pattern emerges is accomplished through the work of the scientific field of pattern formation. Patterns are also related to repeated shapes or objects, sometimes referred to as elements of the series. Some patterns (for example, many visual patterns) may be directly observable, such as simple decorative patterns (stripes, zigzags, and polka-dots). Others can be more complicated, such as the regular tiling of a plane, echos, and balanced binary branching.

The most basic patterns are based on repetition and periodicity. A single template, or cell, is combined with duplicates without change or modification. For example, in aviation, a “holding pattern” is a flight path which can be repeated until the aircraft has been granted clearance for landing.

Pattern recognition is more complex when templates are used to generate variants. For example, in English, sentences often follow the “N-VP” (noun – verb phrase) pattern, but some knowledge of the English language is required to detect the pattern. Computer science, ethology, and psychology are fields which study patterns.

In addition to static patterns, Simple Harmonic Oscillators produce repeated patterns of movement.

Come and see what happens when you hand over 5 small canvases to 13 artists and ask them to create artworks based on or in reaction to the concept of pattern. The brief stated that the canvases could stand alone or be combined and any medium was allowed. Why 13 artists when the exhibition is titled “Pattern #12”? Well, it was going to be 12 including Kerry but after all the invitations to participate had been made and the dust had settled it was realised that 12 artists had been invited thus squeezing Kerry out. However, she is not one to squeezed out that easily especially when it comes to pattern as that is a recurring theme in her art. So, a show titled “Pattern # 12” has 13 artists – complaints must be made in triplicate and handed in when you attend the opening!

Not all the artists will be known to Gecko Studio Gallery patrons but we will have CVs and artist statements available when the show opens. We haven’t seen all the works yet but what we have seen is interesting, inspiring, curious and overall – patterned. Come and see some artists having a bit of a think and a bit of fun. The opening will certainly be fun.

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