findings: documenting serendipity

Jan Learmonth and Mary Sullivan

Exhibition: December 13, 2015 to January 16, 2016 (Opening: Opening event: Sunday December 13 between 2 - 5pm)
Findings - Mary Sullivan and Jan Learmonth

Findings – Mary Sullivan and Jan Learmonth

findings: documenting serendipity

Jan Learmonth and Mary Sullivan

As we walk the beach and beyond, we are both collecting. The small pieces of flotsam and jetsam that wash up in the high tide and capture attention. Both natural and man made, these pieces are pocketed, taken back to the studio to be interpreted, collected and documented.

findings is an exhibition of sculpture and works on paper based on these recordings of the local coastline. Documenting the serendipitous.

Around 3 years ago, Jan Learmonth moved from east Gippsland to south Gippsland. Two years later Mary Sullivan packed up her urban cave to follow her. Inverloch has become home for us both.

An exciting aspect of this move has been the potential for us to share observations and understandings of our new landscape and for each of us to develop our own works to describe this place we now inhabit. We both have a history of representing the landscapes we live in through sculpture, photography and drawing. The work we make is similarly driven by the process and materiality of what is at hand. The place itself demands the response, each of us in different ways.

Jan Learmonth:

My works are made of locally found and natural materials, intricately constructed using techniques of carving, binding hatching and recoating. They often take the form of boats, rolling or floating through arid landscapes. The vessels are inspired by the long history of environmental degradation and disaster that underlie rural Australian culture. The works question a range of contemporary and historical attitudes to country, by interrogating the tension between land use and land care manifest in our complex attitude and relationship to climate and water.

Mary Sullivan:

Drawing and photography have long been a way for me to observe, know, and document the places I have travelled through and lived in. I am particularly drawn to the textural qualities of places. I explore their character not by attempting to capture them in their entirety, but by reproducing and abstracting their details. They are the nuances, the subtle traces, the marks and patterns inscribed by their history, often overwhelmed by more obvious qualities.

This series of drawings are the tracings of a rhizomic grass stumbled across on a walk through the dunes of Discovery Bay.

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