Double Vision

Adrian Johnson and Gillian Carpenter

Exhibition: November 15 to December 12, 2015 (Opening: Opening event - Sunday November 15 at 2pm)
'Dunes of the Bunurong'-Oil on Linen - Adrian Johnson

‘Dunes of the Bunurong’-Oil on Linen – Adrian Johnson

Beached at Walkerville - watercolour - Gillian Carpenter

Beached at Walkerville – watercolour – Gillian Carpenter

Adrian Johnson artist profile          Gillian Carpenter artist profile

Gillian Carpenter – Artist Statement

These paintings are my response to various daily experiences from which I wished to explore and derive some meaning. Using all my senses I attempt to recreate those felt experiences into art expressions through the medium of watercolour in different forms.

The spontaneous nature of watercolour provides me with the freedom to explore, experiment and describe my experiences. Sometimes I use a traditional approach; sometimes an impressionistic form, or simply I follow the spontaneity of the medium, which is enough. This is where the paint and water allow me to give expression to the essence of a subject with little control. Well, maybe with a little help with a brush stroke here or there.

I simply wish for these paintings to tell their own story and have meaning for you the viewer. They are my stories, for enjoyment not necessarily to be faithful representations of the land, urban or seascape from which I draw my inspiration.
Adrian Johnson – Artist Statement

‘I try to achieve a determined work practice to help solve problems that may arise during the painting process. Varying my technique and subject throws up many challenges. I believe working in this manner helps my development as a landscape painter’.





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