Orange & Mars – Suellen Lee

Sept 21 – Oct 18

Artist statement – Suellen Lee

In producing the work for “Orange and Mars” I once again find myself torn between two worlds – that of the precise and technical and that of the hand-wrought and highly inexact. This exhibition contains both colourful, textured abstracts as well as digital images that illustrate my fascination with outer space. I have decided that over the years I am bounced between the two types of works in that the smooth computer technology immediately makes me yearn for the works forged by the human hand with all their faltering inaccuracies (this makes them beautiful) – and so it goes on. I would have to say my ultimate motivation to make art however is that I am continually excited by the juxtaposition of line, negative space, form and colour. Big red blobs on black backgrounds, a green splodge there and a white line here – heaven! I think the space thing is interesting in that imagining other world situations causes us to reflect on our own little world and our place within it.

Curriculum Vitae

Diploma in Visual Arts, majoring in Photography

Studied photography at Photo Studies College, Melbourne

Short courses in graphic design and interior design

Previous exhibitions – several group exhibitions at Stockyard Gallery in Foster and a group exhibition at Cowwarr Art Space.

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