Opening of “quiet down” exhibition

Images are from the opening of Sarah Dingwall’s “quiet down” exhibition at Gecko Studio Gallery on Sunday December 18, 2011. The afternoon was very musical with the sound of glass tinkling as people sorted through a large trunk of “secret messages” – tubes of glass sealed at both ends containing a strip of paper cut from an old op shop book with intriguing text such as “I may yet be able” / “she kissed his eyes, and they sparkled” / “Sea water flew up like shattered glass” / “all the days, all the days of my life” / “buried the gold deeper than ever” / “the fragrance grew stronger” – there are dozens and dozens more – Sarah has prepared a large piece of paper on the wall asking people to write something about the secret messages they have picked up  – what they say and how they relate to what the text says. Kids love it  – as do all the adults. Priced at $8 each, customers are invariably buying several.

The bubble baskets are small glass containers suspended by string from a gum tree branch mounted on the gallery wall, filled with water and containing small blossoms. Beautiful and charming. Come in to the gallery and enjoy the experience. A joyful and uplifting show.

The paper collage works are, as always, all intriguing, clever and charming. Images of the works in a website or printed on an invite do not do the works justice.

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