Mezze Plate

Exhibition: March 21 - April 17, 2010 (Exhibition opening: )

Artist Statement

‘Mezze Plate’ brings together an eclectic array of printmaking techniques and encompasses my great loves in life, mainly animals, houses, the human form, flowers and food. I have returned to printmaking after a 20 year hiatus when I was concentrating on painting, but a 10 week workshop at Meeniyan Art Gallery in 2007 re-ignited my passion for this field of expression. In 2008, I retired from work to concentrate on my art practice and one of the first things I did was to enrol in a lino-cut class with Aileen Brown. A year of her tuition taught me to jump feet first into colour lino-cuts. In 2009, I bought a professional printing press and now have a printmaking studio set up in the garden at home.

The printmaking techniques that feature in this exhibition at Gecko Studio Gallery are lino-cut, both black and white and colour, wood-cut, etching, chine collé (which is adding coloured papers to a print), Van Dyke method (using sunlight), screen-print, monoprint, collagraph, polychromatic print and lithography. With such an array of exciting techniques on offer, I have taken up printmaking again with a passion.

Some of the great printmakers I have looked at and whose work I admire are the German Expressionists Emile Nolde and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner with their powerful woodcuts, Margaret Preston’s handcoloured woodcuts of Australian native flowers, Cressida Campbell’s monoprints, Rembrandt’s etchings and George Baldessin’s aquatints of the human form. However, my main inspiration comes from the world around me and my day to day experiences. As in my painting, my printmaking uses a strong structural base in which to encapture and contain my  emotions about a subject. Pattern-making is also something I am passionate about and employ in my prints. Colour is the most important element in my compositions and I use it arbitrarily and expressively.

So as the Greek word ‘mezze plate’ implies, here is an exhibition of a variety of small morsels for you to taste.

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