Marbled Papers – Robert McLaren / Joan Ajala

Sept 12 – Oct 17


Marbling is a centuries-old art form. Specially prepared paints – watercolour, acrylic or oil paints – are floated on a thickened water bath, called size. Patterns are developed, often with combs and rakes, or with a stylus, then the image is transferred onto treated paper etc by laying it on the surface of the size. The resulting monoprint is washed to remove excess size and hung to dry.

Though simple in principle, marbling is a complex chemical process. This process takes years of practice, both to understand and to develop the skills needed to make the patterns.

Almost any prepared surface can be marbled – paper, fabric, wood, tiles, glass, etc.

Each hand-marbled article is an original art work, unique and unrepeatable. Patterns can be repeated, but the result is always subtly different. Original hand-marbled works are copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the artist.

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