Lost in Reverie – an exhibition of works by Kerry Spokes

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Safety Net – monoprint, paint, pen and ink – Kerry Spokes

An exhibition of works by Kerry Spokes

March 22 to April 16, 2018

Opening event: all welcome – Friday March 23 at 6pm

Gecko Studio Gallery – 15 Falls Rd, Fish Creek 3959

Open Thursday to Monday, 9am to 4pm. Ph 5683 2481

Kerry Spokes

Kerry Spokes

Lost in Reverie – Artist Statement

The innocence of a child is the backdrop for Kerry Spokes in an exhibition exploring the modern world of politics, war, gender identity and other complex themes. Using images of children at play or ‘lost in reverie’ Spokes portrays these ideas with an honesty, clarity and innocence not shown by the media, politicians and the grown-up world.

Employing printmaking, drawing and watercolour as her medium, the reoccurring images of androgynous children suspended in spontaneous poses and complete immersion of (in?) their imaginary worlds are a staple of Spokes’ creative vision.

Alongside sits another body of work of which Spokes is well known for; employing her other creative passion of digital collage. Using apps on her iPad or iPhone, she weaves a story into each piece she creates. Spokes uses photographs she has taken on her iPhone along with downloaded free to use imagery to build her digital work. Portraits or figures in the landscape….with a twist, using visual quips for the viewer to interpret.

Kerry Spokes CV

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