Linocuts of Australian Flora – Rosalind Forster

Exhibition: October Thursday 18 to Monday November 12, 2018 (Opening: Opening event between 6 and 8pm Friday 19 October)

Rosalind Forster was born in London in 1948. She studied in London and at the Manchester College of Art and design studying graphic design. She worked for several years in London in the field of graphic design before moving to Derbyshire where she worked as a freelance artist. In 1979 Rosalind Forster established her own print workshop. Her work has been exhibited widely in UK and particularly in Australia where she has travelled extensively. Recent one-man shows have included the Philip Bacon Gallery Brisbane Richard King Gallery Sidney Buxton Museum Derbyshire and at The Manor House Ilkley Yorkshire which was part of the Bradford Print Biennale. Her work is held in the collections of Derbyshire Museum Leicester County Council Derbyshire County Council and Manchester Council and also in private collections in UK W. Germany Australia and USA.
Rosalind Forster’s work has been frequently exhibited in England as well as in Australia and Greece. She has been living and working on the Greek island of Spetses for 8 months of the year since 1989. This is when she met her husband, whilst painting a commission for a holiday company, on the island. The rest of the year is spent in Derbyshire, where she has her printing workshop.

I set up my print workshop in 1973 with the acquisition of a large Albion press and developed my technique of lino cutting. I use the reduction process where the block is gradually cut away after each colour creating complex and bold images of up to sixteen colours. My images are not exclusively floral still lifes but they are a constant theme in my work both as a painter and printmaker. Sometimes the image comes from a chance encounter but more often they are a careful arrangement of favourite objects such as jugs, lace and flowers. Light plays an important role particularly in my Greek work demonstrated in my series of sunlit Spetses doorways.

I first went to Australia with my then husband (who was on a teaching exchange) and spent a lot of time drawing in sketchbooks. I was so knocked out by the native flora and also the tradition of women printmakers which I had no idea about. On the strength of this and through my artist friend Colin Lancely I was offered a show at the Painters gallery in Sydney the following year. More drawing followed and I had two exhibitions with Australian galleries which were successful enabling me to travel whilst they were on and do more work. They arranged for me to show with Philip Bacon in Brisbane. I had two more shows with Richard King in Sydney before discovering the Greek island Spetses in 1989 and meeting Kariofillis my husband. Somewhat of a lightning strike that certainly changed my life and the imagery of my work. The quality of light in both places was a major influence.
Australia gave me so much confidence as an artist which was much needed at a low point in my life. I long to return but for now this exhibition will have to suffice. I thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with a much-loved country. I have Australian friends whom visit here most years and promise to come.

Rosalind Forster
October 2018



Many of the 18 works in this exhibition are the last prints available from the artist. The works are all available unframed or framed in a Gecko Studio Gallery stock frame. To purchase a work and have it framed in a different style, just come and talk to us. Five of the works have one extra print available.

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