It’s in your hands

Exhibition: Oct 17 - Nov 20 (Exhibition opening: )

Jane Power – artist statement

The passing of time is embedded in these works, in both the way the mind alters memories; prompting forms and in the time taken to make the work.
Objects and paintings are aligned each image relating to the history of symbolism and the phenomenon of colour. This work is also concerned with the display and juxtaposition of materials and objects, investigating the idea of display in both public and personal environments, and through, that level of display different kinds of narratives can be read or understood.

Sharon Monk – artist’s statement

I am hoping to draw attention to OUR shared responsibility in living on this planet. All, and I do mean ALL, elements that make up this place we call earth are of equal importance. It is quite simply what the world is! Naturally it would be impossible to represent absolutely every living and inert form our world is made of, so I have selected a mere smattering of some of our fellow earth sharers in the hope of moving their status from “overlooked”, to regarded with fresh and caring eyes. There is a strong bent towards the marine environment in my work as I am always dismayed when I find people regard the life in the sea as being akin to extraterrestrial life forms! Hey, it`s all around us and we know less about it than we do about Mars! What are we thinking! We should call our planet OCEAN not EARTH. There is, after all, more ocean on our planet than earth!

As a so called civilized culture we still have scant disregard for anything that is not mammalian or easily recognized as being near human in our limited vision. The inclusion of a few insects, land crustaceans, marine and terrestrial plant forms, rocks and sponges, is a deliberate tool employed in the hope of awakening our senses to the immense diversity we are an inseparable part of.  In this small offering, I hope a viewing of these art works may give some less “cuddly” and anthropomorphized creatures a little bit of quality exposure. It IS in our hands, so perhaps we need to look within the big picture and see all the tiny elements contained within. A celebration of our world’s quintessential diversity.


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