Girl friday – Lyndy Lord, Amanda Thompson, Elizabeth Scott, Kate Zizys

Dec 20 – Jan 16

Artist Statement – Lyndy Lord

My work is inspired by my immediate environment and the culture around me. I continue to explore the relationship between humanity and the natural world.  I want my work to add to our self-observation and self-knowledge in regards to our survival in nature.  Looking at the power of nature and our tenuous relationship with our ecosystem,   I am exploring issues around control and nature.  I am influenced both from contemporary and historical sources. My work is inter-textual as I bring together seemingly unconnected bits of information and make connections by creating visual relationships.

Artist Statement – Amanda Thompson

I am a printmaker and my main focus is on relief printing and etching. I work in black and white and my work is characterized by expressive mark making and a sense of texture on the surface of the work. The act of drawing is an important element of my work, I like to reveal the history of mark making involved in building an image.

I live in the Latrobe Valley and I have always found that my immediate environment affects my choice of subject matter. My work is predominately the figure in the landscape, so due to the industrial/rural environment we live with here in the valley my landscapes feature factories, chimney stacks as well as rolling hills and trees. The female figure that I have in some of my work is me, as an earth mother figure. It represents my distress at what we are doing to our precious world. That’s why the figure has no head, the limbs are cut off or metamorphosing into fallen logs or trees. I have been influenced by artists who have previously lived in this region and have used industrial as well as rural motifs in their work, these include Euan Heng, Kaye Green and Tim Jones. Cloud formations often feature strongly in my work. The pollution clouds that are expelled from the power stations, briquette factory etc dominate our skyline. I like to make the clouds in my work look heavy looking and ominous.

Artist Statement – Elisabeth Scott

My current series of copper-plate etchings were initially in response to the evacuation that took place during the bushfire last summer. I happened to see a goat leaving town in a boat. It was a moment that had a strong visual presence that I felt inspired to re-create.

So the ‘goat in the boat’ series began. Since then the goat has developed his own agenda. Other goats presented themselves in various forms and stages of travel which has further extended this body of work. The idea of the goat serenely intruding upon domestic or social scenes, oblivious to the disruption he is causing has appealed to me. When researching the interior of cars, I came across the familiar image of John Bracks’ painting ‘The Car’. I visualized the goat intruding upon this idyllic family scene, oblivious to the disruption he had caused. Women at that time were so apt at ‘keeping up appearances’. The woman in the car is smiling like a mad woman; the man is a mere shadow, carrying out his duty. The goat is calmly enjoying his ride as though he does it every day. It would typically be considered unacceptable for a goat to sitting up in the backseat of a car, having somehow replaced the children in a middleclass family.

Brack has obviously been an influence in my work this year. It has been reported that Bracks’ initial intent with ‘Collins St. 5pm’, was to satirise faceless bureaucrats and conveyor belt workers. This theory is apparent in his images and it allows the goat to seem even more displaced. In the city, people can seem as though they are moving to shield themselves from interacting unnecessarily with others.  To not be reactive to unexpected or unusual things is part of this inclination. I tried to re-create this feeling. I did not want the workers to look as though they had even noticed the goats integrating amongst them at an increasing rate. I like the idea of animals slowly taking up our space, as we have theirs, and we are too busy with ourselves to notice. It seems only fair. Etching is a medium that allows me to engage my illustrative inclination, working deliberately, consciously employing traditional techniques with a contemporary social comment.

Etching is a medium that allows me to engage my illustrative inclination, working deliberately, consciously employing traditional techniques with a contemporary social comment.

Artist Statement – Kate Zizys

My artwork in this exhibition consists of cut-out drawings and etchings. These works show influences from living at Churchill in the LaTrobe Valley.

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