Gecko Studio Gallery Newsletter – April May 2016

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No one can deny the beauty of an egg, This elemental form has been with humankind forever and attained a potent symbolic status across cultures. Representing potential yet to be realized, an ostrich egg presents a perfect blank slate upon which to project an artistic vision. And this is what 40 Gippsland artists have done.

The brainchild of Kerry Spokes and Susan Purdy from Gecko Studio Gallery, this unique exhibition opens on April 17th in Fish Creek, the creative hub of South Gippsland.

A handpicked collective of quality artists were asked to respond to the egg in whatever way they wished and the results are an extraordinary array of creative talents.

Those participating are…. Lisa Burrell, Melanie Caple, Lian Casson, Claudia Casson, Peter Cole, Caroline Durre, Grant Flather, Rodney Forbes, Sue Gilford, Mandy Gunn, Andrew Hocking, Lisa Hocking, Josephine Jakobi, Catherine Larkins, Chris Larsen, Deb le Cerf, Jan Learmonth , Andrew Mc Pherson, Ann Parry, Jane Power, Susan Purdy, Susan Quinn, Mark Reyment, Wendy Satchell, Heather Shimmen, Kerry Spokes, Annie Stark, Colin Suggett, Mary Sullivan, Abigail Van Rooyen, Suelyn Watterson, Catherine Wheeler, Trevor Wheeler, Helen Wilkinson, Michael Pitts, Janie Frith, Chezz Bradshaw, Kath O’Neill & Frances Harrison

Gecko Studio Gallery

What’s next? Exhibitions in the pipeline……(NB details may change before these exhibitions open)

The Gathering 2016 – Gecko Studio Gallery will be presenting an extended “stockroom” exhibition for five months before resuming monthly exhibitions in mid November. We will be exhibiting a number of artists together and their work will need to be kept fresh and replaced whenever we sell a work. We figure that during the quieter months that visitors will be more interested in works from a number of artists rather than just one artist. More info next newsletter.

For lots more – The Gecko Studio Gallery Newsletter – PDF version

The newsletter is about Gecko Studio Gallery’s next exhibition and other news from Gecko Studio Gallery, Prom Coast Arts Council, Fish Creek and surrounding area as well as anything else that takes our fancy. All the stuff that’s not on this page – 8 pages of news in fact.

For the complete exhibition invitation and newsletter – click on the link below

4 April May 2016 GSG Newsletter

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