Gallery Grand Opening – Feb 18 – Mar 24, 2007

Gecko Studio Gallery Grand Opening – Feb 18 – Mar 24, 2007.

42 (or was it 44?) degrees Celsius with a large crowd jammed into the furnace like atmosphere in the gallery for the speeches, food and wine and then outside on the footpath to try and catch any breeze available. A good day.

….from the newspaper article on the event…

Sunday the 18th February 2007 saw the grand opening of Gecko Studio Gallery in Fish Creek. Gecko Studio Gallery had been trading since the 8th January but those early weeks were taken up with getting everything into place and working as they should. Kerry Spokes and Michael Lester then felt that their Gecko Studio Gallery was ready to make an “official” entrance into the world. The occasion also saw the opening of the new exhibition. There was a great turnout despite the torrid heat. Col Suggett, sculptor and designer from Venus Bay, gave a speech celebrating the conditions and outlook in this part of the world that allows the creation of such vibrant multi faceted art businesses such as Gecko Studio Gallery. Col complimented Kerry and Michael on the presentation of the gallery and the framing of the artworks on exhibition.

The exhibition that opened on that day was Paste Papers – Michael Lester

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