COSMOS – Mae Adams, Susan Purdy and Angus Gunn

Exhibition: Thursday 15 November to Monday 10 December 2018 (Opening: Opening event / artist reception - between 6 and 8pm, Friday 23 November)

The three artists in the COSMOS exhibition developed their work in isolation from each other. An unexpected gap in the exhibition calendar at Gecko gallery presented an invitation to show the work at short notice. Recognizing a synergy or collective energy in the works being made, the artists collaborated to present this exhibition which includes stunning night sky photography by Angus Gunn, planet-like plant weavings by Mae Adams, and hauntingly mysterious photograms by Susan Purdy.
The title COSMOS describes the universe seen as a well ordered whole. The interplay between the various mediums and visual expressions of the artists are brought together for this brief duration in time. COSMOS is open to the public from 15 November to 10 December 2018 at Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek, Victoria, with an artists’ reception on Friday 23 November from 6 – 8 pm.


Mae Adams 2018 - Exoplanet 2 - Materials She oak needles and seed pods, spiny headed

Mae Adams 2018 – Exoplanet 2 – Materials She oak needles and seed pods, spiny headed


Angus Gunn - Universal Truth - digital photograph, 100cm x 75cm, aluminium print

Angus Gunn – Universal Truth – digital photograph, 100cm x 75cm, aluminium print


Susan Purdy - Kanjiru - to feel, sense - 100mm x 1700mm 2013

Susan Purdy – Kanjiru – to feel, sense – 100mm x 1700mm 2013


Artist Statements

Mae Adams

Mae Adams

This work has emerged through my immersion and fascination with the Australian bush land.
This selected palette from the textures and colours of ancient, earth formed plant materials provides a psychological metaphor and materiality that anchors to the earth, from which the human imagination may reach out to the unfathomable vastness of the skies.
What is earthed is also transient and ephemeral.



Susan Purdy

Susan Purdy

As an artist I want to learn more about form and space through making. My materials are photographic papers, objects and light. I want to discover and tap the hidden power of spatial arrangements and geometries. This work is essentially experimental, an open ended investigation.
Rhythm plays a big part the visual organisation of these forms, following the beating heart, the throb of life sensed all around and the pulse of sensation between polarities in the energy field.
The oval form has become a persistent symbol and re-occurring form in my work, valued because it has great flexibility of meaning; sometimes it is an egg or seed and other times a protective shield or a cameo that speaks of containment. These multiple meanings allow me to image what is hidden at a cellular level, inside our bodies, and track its interaction with the environment that we are so intimately connected with. It makes visible the flowing spaces between forms.
I want to notice the invisible circulations of air around my body, the seasonal winds which propel things we do not see; pheromones, pollen, dust, and carbon. Particles continually fall around us, floating alongside and moving freely into and out of our bodies.
To inhale and exhale divides our breath into a rhythmic pair. Following the breath connects our mind and body in awareness. Pairs come together, completing the whole. Tension exists in pairing, a paradox that seems particularly potent. The cell divides in two.
The oval forms disrupt our usual view; the perspectives suggested by this work shift our eyes from close inspection of molecular structures to distant mountains and the starry night sky. Duality is ever present. The moment between breaths is infinitely spacious.


Angus Gunn

Angus Gunn

This exhibition of digital photography is a reflection of my fascination with the “art of nature”. Nature without human intervention presents a constantly changing dazzling array of organic patterns, shapes, light and organised chaos.
From the beauty of the ocean to the intense energy of the night sky I seek to encapsulate these magical moments of nature’s constant exhibition into my photographic practice.
I encourage the viewer to contemplate their own relationship to nature and to reflect on the ways each of us may harmonise with our environment to aid in the preservation of our delicate ecosystems for following generations.
I have been a practising media artist for the last 25 years. Starting out as an experimental film maker and animator I moved into projection arts for many years exhibiting at festivals Australia wide. I was then fortunate enough to travel extensively both nationally and internationally as a cameraman and technician on major Television events worldwide. Alongside this I have continued my photographic practice on a corporate level and my own personal art journey.
I work with many styles of cameras (mainly digital) utilising the variations in technology to gain insight into the ever changing and dynamic natural world.

We live on a beautiful planet.


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