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Poster x 1 Washed and Found low res file jpg

Washed and Found – a study of items found washed up entangled in kelp on Waratah Bay beach – pencil drawings and acrylic paintings – Suelyn Watterson

Thursday 17 January to February 18, 2019. Opening event between 6 and 8pm, Friday 18 January. Suelyn Watterson – Rock entangled in kelp. Acrylic on canvas Suelyn Watterson – Weedy Seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) medium Greylead pencil 2B and 4B Artist Statement Washed and found is a slow walk along the kelp line on Waratah beach, […]

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Susan Purdy photogram

Cyanotype Photograms with Susan Purdy

Exhibition: 13 May, 2017 (Opening: )

May 13, 2017.  10-am to 4pm. Fee: $170 includes materials, payable a week before the workshop. Come to a workshop on cyanotype printing at Gecko Studio Gallery with internationally recognised photo media artist Susan Purdy. Learn how Susan works with light sensitive blue print materials to create effective and simple imagery using plant material and […]

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Gecko Studio Gallery Newsletter – March April 2017

The Gecko Studio Gallery Newsletter The Gecko newsletter is about Gecko Studio Gallery’s next exhibition and other news from Gecko Studio Gallery, Prom Coast Arts Council, Fish Creek and surrounding area as well as anything else that takes our fancy. For the complete exhibition invitation and newsletter – click on the link below 3 March […]

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nautiluscape - iPhoneography by Kerry Spokes

Iphoneography and Digital Collage Workshop. Tutor: Kerry Spokes

Exhibition: Saturday 8th April 2017 (Opening: )

Iphoneography and Digital Collage Workshop  Tutor: Kerry Spokes Participants will be guided through the process of taking images with one of the many ‘cameras’ available as apps on their mobile device. They will then have the opportunity to superimpose elements into the images to create digital collages which they can then enhance and add filters […]

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Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson – Biography Adrian began his painting journey in the early 80s by joining the Wonthaggi Art Group. While attending workshops he was able to gain sufficient knowledge of the painting process to develop his own style of capturing the light in the landscape. Australian impressionists Max Smales, Mac Wilks and English painter David […]

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