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Retrospective – Rosalind Forster

linocuts, watercolours and lithographs from Australia, England and the Greek island of Spetses Rosalind-Forster-1.-Frosty-Morning-Beely-Moor-watercolourRosalind Forster – 4. Arum Lillies – linocut.Rosalind Forster – 3. Stream, Clough Woods – watercolourRosalind Forster – 23. Hoar Frost II – linocut. Link to a great article on Rosalind Forster Rosalind Forster Rosalind Forster working on a linocut

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Understory – Sarah Dingwall & Emma Morgan

Understory is an exploration of the regenerative cycles found in nature, and where similar patterns are mirrored in the human experience – something new coming out of the old; endings giving way to beginnings; and the necessity of light and dark. Sarah Dingwall in her studio Sarah Dingwall CV Emma Morgan Emma Morgan CV Sarah […]

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Gecko Studio Gallery newsletter

October November 2019 Gecko newsletter The Gecko newsletter is about Gecko Studio Gallery’s next exhibition plus other news from Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek and surrounding area as well as anything else that takes our fancy.For the complete exhibition invitation and newsletter – click on the link below (please be patient as the PDF may […]

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With the Light – painting in the land – Brett Jackson

————————————————————————————————————— Born in Australia 1956. Studied art at Preston, Caulfield and Box Hill Institutes of Technology. 1992 Started successful screen-printing business in Sydney. Moved to Victoria 2010. Resumed fine arts career with renewed energy presently creating work at the source of inspiration. These paintings are of local scenes and places in situ (plein air). I […]

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