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Picturesque – a group exhibition

Exhibition: Friday Jan 19 to Monday February 19 2018. (Opening: Opening event on Friday January 19 between 6pm and 8pm)

Featuring…. Susan Quinn, Chris Larsen, Andrew McPherson, Many Gunn, Mae Adams, Jan Learmonth, Mary Sullivan, Annie Stark, Deb LeCerf, Peter Cole, Tony Hanning, Ros Atkins, Anne Miller, Kim McDonald, Adrian Johnson, Daniel Jenkins, Janie Frith, Dennis Leversha, Paul Satchell, Wendy Satchell, Kerry Spokes, Susan Purdy, Jim Patterson   Note Gecko Studio Gallery and Headquarters Café […]

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Linda Gibbs Poster

Prom Paintings – Linda Gibbs

Exhibition: December 14, 2017 to January 18, 2018 (Opening: Opening event - Friday December 15 between 6pm and 8pm)

LINDA GIBBS    PROM PAINTINGS   Prom Paintings – Gecko Studio Gallery Fish Creek artist Linda Gibbs has spent the past 10 years surveying the ever changing patterns and colours of Wilsons Promontory. This exhibition reveals large scale, pared back oil paintings reflecting the essence of The Prom. Linda won the Best Gippsland Prize at the […]

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POSTER Jan Learmonth

Travelling: works with wood and paper – Jan Learmonth

Exhibition: November 16 to December 11, 2017 (Opening: Opening event on Friday, November 17 from 6 - 8pm)

                Jan Learmonth Artists statement The works are material explorations of the controversial history and culture of land and water in Australia, the movement of people across sea and soil to occupy and exploit the land, the precarious state of river systems and natural environment. I use natural […]

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Anne Miller poster

SWISH – mixed media – Anne Miller

Exhibition: 17 September to 18 November, 2017 (Opening: Opening event Sunday September 17 at 2pm)

ANNE MILLER My mind is constantly processing design like a light that I can not switch off and the simplicity of daily life can provide unexpected inspiration. One such inspiration came from the simple act of brushing my horses tail. I looked at the tangled mass of wiry black and white hairs and I was […]

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Poster x 1 MEASUREMENT copy

“Measurement” – a group exhibition

Exhibition: May 21 to July 22, 2017 (Opening: Opening event on May 21, 2017)

In a world where numbers, statistics and calculations dominate, we ask you to bring your ‘right side brain’ creativity to bear on the idea of ‘measurement’. From cultural textile patterns to the conceptual tools of linear perspective and horizon lines, from the paradoxical paintings of Rene Magritte and etchings of M.C Escher to computer rendered […]

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Poster x 1 Karen Barnes - Theres a Currawong in the Garden low res

There’s a Currawong in the Garden – etchings – Karen Barnes

Exhibition: April 16 to May 20, 2017 (Opening: Opening event on April 16 at 2pm)

  Karen Barnes is a visual artist working primarily with hard ground etchings to depict the inspirations she finds in those unexpected moments of joy found in nature and her own creative mind. “In my garden or in nature I am often caught by that moment of stillness or the sudden flash of a bird […]

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Poster x 1 COLLISION Mark Reyment copy

Collision – Mark Reyment – sculpture and drawings

Exhibition: March 19 to April 15, 2017 (Opening: Opening event on March 19 at 2pm)

ARTIST STATEMENT – MARK REYMENT Art is what happens when I’m busy making plans! What starts out as a simple idea becomes increasingly complex, I like to play with disorder and my work reflects degrees of disorder frozen in time. I often give my work whimsical titles, usually based on whatever was rattling around in […]

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Stephen Jansen poster

Memory Mine – paintings and drawings by Stephen Jansen

Exhibition: February 19 to March 18 (Opening: Opening event Sunday February 19 from 2pm)

Artists Statement…..Memory Mine Essentially this body of work evolved around the need to make a series of personal political statements. In reality there are three such personal observations/protests. Firstly, the desire of State Government Authorities to remove ‘white’ new born children from single mothers in the fifties of which I have intimate knowledge. Secondly, the […]

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