Another time & place, journeys to the west

Exhibition: Jan 16 - Feb 19 2011 (Exhibition opening: )

Artist’s Statement

The work in this exhibition is based on a trip from Darwin to Broome through the spectacular Kimberly region in 2009.

It is a continuation of my fascination, obsession so might say, with the Australian outback.

It is not only the colours and textures I am drawn to but the overwhelming feeling of “before”.

My landscapes are reinterpretations of what I have seen and heard, and what I have not. When I am out there I am acutely aware of the collective unconscious that I believe exists in all of us.

Unseen and unheard, I am never alone in the outback.

The past is palpable and the power that emanates from this landscape is mighty.

How could I not be drawn to it.

I am a studio painter drawing on photographs and site sketches. The works are executed with a mixture of acrylic paint and a thick gesso medium. The paint is frequently rubbed and scraped back and overlaid with washes.

Annie Stark
January 2011

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