“Akin” – layers of relating – Marilyn Ardley

Jan 11 – Feb 14

Akin – Layers of Relating’ investigates transition within relationships, family and the environment.

Marilyn Ardley completed a diploma in Art & Ceramic design in 1978, a BVA at Monash in 2006 and holds Certificate IV in Assessment and Training. She has worked as an Integration aide in schools and tutored Indigenous students on a one to one basis within the education department. Her most recent project was to co-ordinate a tour of Gippsland for Melbourne-based Rollercoaster Theatre Company.

Her current interest is in abstract painting exploring a sense of place, with reference to the female in the rural landscape. Early influence in ceramics has instructed the textural dimension referenced in her practise. She uses various media in her paintings to explore issues of environmental connectedness. Her methodology pushes the boundaries of paint, investigating the different layers of existence, exploring ‘the space in between’. Her work is intuitive and visceral, developing osmotically.

Selected recent shows are Back to the Land, Meeniyan Art Gallery, Meeniyan and Maffra Gallery, Sale, Flooded In, group show at Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Going to Town, Blindside Gallery, Flinders Lane, Melb; Contemporary Artists, Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek; Recent Paintings, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr; Connections & Shift both at Stockyard Gallery, Foster; New Energies 2007,a touring exhibition presented by Meeniyan Art Gallery,(MAG) showcasing contemporary artists in South Gippsland and 24 Hour Love, presented by Clubs in the Pines, Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Churchill, Marilyn was accepted into the Spring, 2007 Moving Galleries, an initiative of the Committee of Melbourne and her work has also been showcased at Monash University functions.

Article by Micheal Lester

We have been framing Marilyn’s works for some time now so we have had the opportunity to see her works close up and discuss her approach to her art. Despite a flat-out work schedule and family commitments, Marilyn seems to be able to keep producing innovative and intriguing art for exhibition after exhibition. Marilyn has been experimenting with enamel paint for some time now and this show is a progress report on where she is at. Marilyn describes the experience of creating her art as being “meditative and yet process driven”. She goes on to say “the conceptual element of my work is crystallized during the mark- marking; I think it is about embracing the unknown, in order to become familiar with it; – vulnerability.. trust.. stability”. As is usually the case with mark-making like this, Marilyn sees her work as “a moment in time, the paint captured in transition”. Using materials that shouldn’t usually go together she has ideas of how to put the materials together but is only ever going to get something worthwhile if she manages to lose herself in the whole experience. The artist goes to a place where only they can go and what they are creating often has a meaning that only they can see. The works stand alone as intriguing and powerful images in an abstract fashion but while she was creating her art, her situation with kids growing up and leaving home, Marilyn and her family’s concern over the changes happening around us with the environment, the global economy and the other changes and challenges that face us all were going through her mind and when she looks at her works, it is those thoughts she sees as an integral part of the works. Listening to Marilyn speak while looking at her images on the computer I could, for that moment at least, see how she sees them. Come along to the opening, listen to Marilyn and read her artist statement and see if you can see those meanings within. Approach her and ask. If not, just enjoy these startling images as they are and look for your own meanings within.

This is a strong show from an artist with a strong sense of purpose. Marilyn is bursting with ideas and despite all the distractions manages to follow her muse in an unwavering fashion.

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