Gecko Studio Gallery Newsletter – November December 2016


Kerry Spokes – ‘I thought I could fly…’ 

‘I thought I could fly…’ is an exhibition of new work by Kerry Spokes. Included in the exhibition are drawings, iphoneography and printmaking – (including drypoint, lithography and monoprint techniques) with mixed media included in many of the pieces.

Anthropomorphic characters feature regularly in Kerry Spokes work, with birdlike human forms a recurring motif through the various media used.

Artist Statement

My work for the last few years has been based loosely around the human condition using the metaphors of flying and falling.

A look at our human fascination with flight, gravity and the sky, whilst also looking at the notion of ‘flying’ to depict a positive sense of wellbeing, and ‘falling’ depicting a less positive view – a metaphor for humankind being ‘in control’ yet ‘out of control’.

In control of our own life, in control of what occurs around us, in control of our sense of place in the world……in reality the fragility of that control can change in a second altering everything in our ‘ordered’ lives.

Whilst exploring these concepts I am also exploring combining various forms of printmaking and drawing together to create mixed media works.

I particularly enjoy making these works as they afford me the opportunity to experiment with various media to create a suite of images which are all unique.

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