Hi everybody, An extraordinary “newsletter” this month due to our being in extraordinary times. The gallery is closed for a few weeks while a team of tradies and ourselves pull Gecko apart and put it back together in quite a different configuration.

To start the story from the beginning: after the closing in March of the lovely café, 9 Acres, next door to Gecko Studio Gallery, we felt the impact. Business wise for us and the effect on the town. Having somewhere to meet up, share a cuppa and some time together is such an important element in a community. The flow-on effect to other small businesses in a small town when a business closes is felt both financially and socially. So after 10 years in business, we at Gecko decided to open a café behind the gallery, both as an enhancement to our already successful gallery and picture framing/art materials store, and to create a new place for people to meet up and spend time in Fish Creek.

With the news of the sale of the Flying Cow Café to Michelle Gibson, just along the street from Gecko, we remodelled our original plans of a large café to a smaller version and decided to place it in the front of our shop. Michelle plans to have a larger and more extensive café which will fill a gap in the township and work in harmony with our smaller model of serving coffee, cake and small savoury items.

Our emphasis will be on excellent coffee and luscious teas and delicious cakes, biscuits and slices sourced from local producers. Gluten and dairy free treats and a small selection of hot savoury pies and quiches will be a feature, as well as a variety of coffee related products such as Keep Cups, coffee grinders and presses. A Cup Wall where people who forget their reusable cup can pick a cup and take it away full of their favourite drink. If you bring your own cup, we will discount your coffee! The art materials have made way for the café area and now occupy three rooms towards the back of the store. Not a huge increase in space for the art materials but a better use of space. Our new stockroom gallery is larger and will be home to a range of artworks from artists who have exhibited with us in the past. It will also lend itself for larger group exhibitions or a smaller individual show – a completely new gallery space! We are planning to reopen our doors as soon as possible and its looking like it will be close to the end of August before we are up and running the café part. However, if you have any framing or art materials or gift needs please don’t hesitate to call either Michael on 0421 209 878 or Kerry on 0423 721 593 to open the doors for you. We are at the gallery most days working in the back, and are happy to see you for all of our regular services.

Exciting times for Fish Creek and Gecko Studio Gallery!

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